“Storytelling Tools for Community Change: Tools You Can Use” PowerPoint

Resource title: “Storytelling Tools for Community Change: Tools You Can Use” PowerPoint

Source (copyright holder): Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources

Resource description: This PowerPoint resource talks about the important of intentionally and strategically finding stories, crafting them, and using them to shape the debate over public policy. After all, it is through story-telling that we’re able to share experiences, create change, engage and empower people, and inspire community change. This resource further outlines the nitty-gritty of what makes a story powerful – it needs passion, character, conflict, and transformation. When the story ends, the teller needs to be sure to pivot from the portrait to the wide-angle, that is the relevance of the singular in regards to the whole. Lastly, there must be a call to action.

From a slide: “A lot of folks don’t think about story as a resource. But in low-income communities, story is one of the primary resources that people actually have.”

Link for resource (slides)

Other notes:

Submitted by: Joshua Preston

Organization: Community change working group

Contact info: prest202 AT morris.umn.edu

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