Internal working group notes

This is a space for internal notes for the Community Change Resource Bank project.

(Please add any additional notes, etc. in comments below. Also feel free to edit meeting notes document.)

Next meeting: Thurs., March 20, 9am Central

Pending action items:

  • Draft email with Bo (see meeting notes for details) – Jane?
  • Flesh out list of orgs who might be interested (beginning of list in meeting notes below) – Milan?
  • Begin contacting orgs who might be interested (see meeting notes for details) – everyone
  • Make arrangements for presentation and/or demo at CDS – Milan/Jane?
    • see draft below
  • Code existing data – students
  • Come up with options for prototype for June – Karen
    • see notes here


Current documents:

Old documents:

Draft of CDS poster session description:


The poster will present information on the Community Change Resource Bank on RuralXChange (, an online database that aids community development practitioners and local residents in finding resources for analyzing and improving their communities. Specifically, it includes
* reports describing past community development projects (in both rural and non-rural areas) related to economic development, capacity building, infrastructural improvement, strategic planning, and community visioning,
* documents providing information on policy initiatives
* tools and approaches that can be adapted to work in other contexts
* evaluations of programs, strategies, and policies
* information sheets related to community development
Users can access resources using key words. Entries are also coded using the idea of a matrix of type of place and type of intervention which will enable users to do a more targeted search. In addition, this web site allows site visitors to submit their own resources, further enhancing the quality and quantity of information available on the website.

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