The Community Change Resource Bank is an online searchable database that houses resources pertaining to community change and policy.

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The site is designed to be a searchable “go-to” clearinghouse resource and home to access information and people to people connections for funding resources, expertise, networks, media, links, technical assistance, models, best practice documents, templates, consultants, political connections, knowledge, experts in the field and more. Our policy objective is to use the database to educate and inform network and community members about policy issues, providing tools to help communities address challenges, take advantage of opportunities, understand diverse cultures, and advocate for community change. The Community Change Resource Bank will include resources such as a living, dynamic collection of compelling stories for policy change and community inspiration, along with a nationwide network of community coaches providing a “real people” connecting dimension for access to expertise and assistance. The resource will also house templates and examples of best practice models, methodologies and strategies for community change.

We hope you will use this site to search for information that can be of assistance to you in your work – or to consider entering a resource (story, model, expertise, funding opportunity, learning opportunity, etc. ) you have knowledge of by clicking here and entering the information into the easy to complete form.

For more information or questions about this resource, you may contact Karen Fasimpaur at karen at ruralxchange dot net.

Here is the team who was responsible for making this project possible.

  • Anna Claussen – Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
  • Tamika Edwards – Southern Bancorp Community Partners
  • Karen Fasimpaur – RuralXChange (NARP)
  • Sharon Gulick – University of Missouri-Extension ExCEED Program (NURV)
  • Ruben Hernandez – First Nations Development Institute
  • Sherron Kirk – Wilkes – Mississippi Action for Community Education (MACE)
  • Connie Loden – Economic Development Corporation of Manitowoc County (NURV)
  • Bonnie Peterson – Juneau County Economic Development Corporation (NURV)
  • Josh Preston – Clean up the River Environment (CURE)
  • Ophelia Reeder – McKinley Community Health Alliance
  • Andrea Salina – West Virginia Community Development Hub
  • Kim Zill – Arizona Rural Women’s Health Network

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